Monday, May 2

Hoods, laughs, posters - 18/52

The weather has seriously been a drag and it looks like it's gonna stay that way for the next week, but maybe that'll help me focus on studying instead of dreaming about summer?

  1. For some reason, hoods never stay on my head. I dug a hooded Cotton On vest (activewear) from my closet and was ecstatic to find that it has a big hood!!! It stayed on my head. Honestly all hooded clothing should be made with big hoods. This Cotton On warm up vest is not all that similar to the one I wore, but it does have the glorious big hood.
  2. Trader Joe's dark chocolate covered marshmallows. Anything dark chocolate really.
  3. The Intro to Data Structures final exam was rough. That and the crappy weather made for a very grey mood at lunch. We consciously tried to make our conversation more positive by pausing and restarting when we noticed it starting to drag, but that made for a lot of pausing and restarting. So we resorted to watching funny videos. Rose showed us one that was SO HILARIOUS. I'm definitely linking it in my next Friday Favourites post. I laughed so hard throughout the entire video and felt so much better afterwards. I even did cartwheels on the green when we got outside!
  4. After our final, Julia and I went on a secret mission to Chinatown. We put very much care into keeping it off our Snapchat stories :P Julia needed to find a May Day dress, and I needed to buy 14 cups of bubble tea to surprise my friends with. Three of them had never had bubble tea before :o With each bubble tea surprise, I stuck on a little post-it note with a message and wished them good luck with their finals. I hope the bubble tea brought as much joy to them as it does for me!
  5. Done with classes!
  6. The 2018 Class Co-presidents wanted to have a pop-up and do something special for us, so they contacted me about their idea to do a poster giveaway. Of course I'm on board with anything to do with graphic design, so I photographed and designed our class poster, which they printed 200 12x18" glossy-printed copies of. It's amazing to know that 200~ people in your class will have your poster design up in their room!
  7. The CBS Morning Show was putting together a piece about May Day celebrations, and while they had photos, they needed footage. They found my May Day vlog from last year on YouTube and contacted me about wanting to use my footage! Unfortunately what they needed was original footage, but mine was all filtered out and overlaid with music for my vlog, and I had deleted the original footage as I'd been running out of storage space on my laptop so I couldn't really help them out. But still cool. Anyways, I went back to check out my May Day vlog and it has over 1000 views! Which is a lot for a n00b like me :P
  8. Currently listening to 17 by Youth Lagoon.

I want to make an effort to remember the little joys in life, so my 52 week challenge for 2016 is to write weekly Happy Lists.

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Wednesday, April 27

Amore' Coffee

Today is a lazy day with nothing planned ahead, so why not Yelp a random coffee shop nearby and drive over with Dad? Whenever stuck for blog inspiration, coffee shops are the way to go. So I pack up my camera, a notebook, and something to read, ready for a leisurely afternoon ahead.


Monday, April 25

Coffee, pinwheels, DOG - 17/52

I've been feeling so creatively energized. I'm already musing about summer and possibly revamping the blog. But I can't check out of the school year yet. There are a few critical weeks to go. Gotta finish it off.

  1. Last week I said I'd try cleansing my diet of bubble tea, which I've managed to keep up, except that the bubble tea in my diet has been replaced by coffee, Saxbys Coffee to be exact. I went three days in a row--the first time as a study date with friends, the second time because I was having a bad day, and the third time because a friend was having a bad day. I've tried the milk and honey cold brew (delish!), salted caramel cold brew (delish!), and sweet mint cold brew (too coffee-y for me).
  2. It's amazing what good weather can do for your mood. It was Pinwheel Day at Haverford on Monday! I've been so happy and relaxed this past week despite the hustle and bustle that comes with wrapping up the end-of-term. There are so many people walking around campus, swinging in hammocks, lying on the green, tossing frisbees... Good vibes all around!
  3. Everyone is so busy nowadays; I almost never see my non-computer-science-major friends. On Thursday night Georgina and I had some good girl talk on the van back from Swarthmore. When we got back, I planned to have an evening study session with Julia for our final exam for Semantics the following day, but my laptop battery was running out and I had forgotten to pack my charger, so I went back to my room and we decided to Skype instead. We ended up Skyping from 11PM until 1AM, and probably only five minutes of that was devoted to studying. It was a fun time though, and time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time ;)
  4. I haven't advertised it too much on this blog, but for the past academic year, I've been the blog intern for Athena's Guide, a project headed by a small group of [5] staff and [3] students (including me) of Bryn Mawr College. The blog is a centralized online resource for academic and self-care resources. Its style is supposed to be similar to Buzzfeed, quick and easy and filled with GIFs, very different from my personal blog (this one). Anyways, this project has been supported by a one-year grant given by the college, so we weren't sure what the future of Athena's Guide would look like. We had our last meeting of the year on Friday to figure it out, and... we will be continuing this project next year! (yay I still have a source of income!)
  5. Spent a rainy Saturday morning at Hothouse Coffee with Kat. While we were there, there was an adorable old man sitting at the bar by the window, and beside him was a mason jar filled with flowers. How picturesque! You'll have seen it if you follow me on Snapchat @auderoylin!
  6. I've been to Clover Market three times already, so I wasn't sure if I wanted to go again this year, but Kat mentioned it and I was like what the heck, might as well. I like scheduling meet-ups in the morning, because it forces me to get out of bed and start the day.

    - Food trucks: From Say Cheese!, Kat and I shared truffle parm fries. From Surf and Turf, Kat got a lobster, egg, and kale breakfast roll, and I got a chilled lobster roll with New England mayo. The grand finale was the ReAnimator Coffee stand. I was so excited when I saw it at Clover Market! If you recall, I spent much of my spring break with Victoria and Jennifer cafe hopping, and ReAnimator Coffee was the last coffee shop we hit up. I couldn't really tell because I was absolutely bloated by all the coffee I was consuming throughout the week, but Jennifer said they had the best coffee. The only thing was that their location wasn't the most convenient for us to get to and we couldn't foresee ourselves venturing out there anytime soon, so to see them here in Bryn Mawr town was a wonderful surprise. I texted Victoria and Jennifer immediately to get their butts over to Clover Market.

    - Plants: Now that I know I'm getting my own place for the next two years (with Kat!), I can't stop looking at decor, and Clover Market is full of that stuff. I didn't buy anything other than food because of summer storage, but I kept an eye out for vendors I liked and should check out next time Clover Market comes around, which includes Carolyn Powers.

    - Dogs: So. many. dogs. I'm not really a HUGE animal person, but omg. There was a really majestic Leonberger.

    (If you didn't catch it on my Snap story, I've screenshotted it on Twitter!)
  7. I've been strangely calm, which I'm attributing to #2. I spent the majority of the weekend being productive with blog stuff rather than academic stuff, but productive nonetheless. I finally finished drafting all my posts from Seattle summer 2015 (hold the applause), so stop by the blog every Wednesday for the next three weeks! I drafted four blog posts this weekend (including this one), and five if you include the Friday Favourites I drafted on Thursday. I attribute this blog productivity to the fact that finals week is impending, which means it's prime time to discover new ways to procrastinate. Hey at least I'm procrastinating productively, right? Yes, there is such thing as productive procrastination.
  8. Do you ever get stressed out because you're not stressed out? Like, what am I forgetting?! I put this to rest by writing out my Done Is Good list (a list of all the things I need to do before the end of term, i.e. assignments, projects, papers, final exams, packing, and other loose ends). On Sunday (yesterday) I met up with Kevin for our Phonetics & Phonology final paper, which we have to present to our class about this coming Wednesday and must turn in by the last day of finals week (May 13), and that which we hadn't started yet. But during our meeting we read over the instructions for the paper for the first time and realized that it wasn't too bad, and that in fact we had prepared well for it via our class assignments throughout the semester. It was such a relief. We got this. Totally doable.
  9. Currently listening to Duet by Penny and Sparrow. I found this song on Thursday while listening to a playlist on 8tracks, and the artist seemed familiar, so I Googled them and found out that they were performing at World Cafe Live in Philly on Friday, which is a place I've been wanting to check out. And it was only $15. So perfect!! Except that I was performing at an a cappella concert on the same night T_T Anyways, also loving their song Serial Doubter.

I want to make an effort to remember the little joys in life, so my 52 week challenge for 2016 is to write weekly Happy Lists.

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Friday, April 22

Friday Favourites // 08

ONE // Teach girls bravery not perfection

My latest form of productive procrastination has been watching TED Talks. Ironically, I was watching Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator by Tim Urban and telling Kat about it when she recommended me to watch this one by Reshma Saujani, the Founder and CEO of Girls Who Code. I was especially interested in the topic of this TED Talk after having attended the Philly Women in Tech Summit two weeks ago. I definitely related to what she said about girls being socialized to be perfect rather than brave. There have been many times when I would be self-conscious or afraid or ashamed to show teachers or classmates my work in progress because I wasn't confident with what I was producing, so much so that I'd rather show them nothing. Even now I still struggle with this. In fact, it's often why I prefer to study for things alone rather than in groups. I wish that I had watched this TED Talk earlier, but it's still not too late. It was really curious for me to see how lowly rated the video was on YouTube though, since I personally responded so positively to it. What do you think about it?

TWO // New in portfolio: Elie Saab

How awesome is it work with Elie Saab? I can only imagine. It makes me so happy to see fellow bloggers making such great things. Everything from the black and white photography to the embellished bridal gown to the logo design is so creatively inspiring. In this oversaturated industry of blogging, I always get excited when I find something that stands apart and creatively rejuvenates me. There's lots of great content to go around, but sometimes you need to do a little something extra. Don't just wait for inspiration. Become it. Even when you feel like no one is listening, be the lighthouse; beam out light and love. And while we're on the topic of love, can we celebrate their one year? Their love story is like out of a movie. It kind of reminds me of One Day, but a happier version.

THREE // Hong Kong bubble egg waffle recipe

Julia showed me a place to get egg waffles in Philly's Chinatown and it instantly became a part of my Chinatown ritual: oolong bubble milk tea from Kungfu Tea, Asian pastries from KC's Pastries, restock on sesame soup powder, noodles from Nanzhou Hand Drawn Noodle House if it's lunchtime, toasted coconut and sesame egg waffles from Yummy Yummy, and more bubble tea. Food at Chinatown is so hearty and affordable, but it adds up, especially if you go ham like I do. I should probably eat at the campus dining halls more than I do (or don't) and/or make some food on my own. These bubble tea oatmeal and London fog cupcake recipes look pretty good... I can survive on a diet of sweets, right?

FOUR // You snooze, you win

Sleep is productivity! And I don't just say that to be #relatable; I mean it! With finals coming up, it's especially important to practice self-care and study efficiently. Taking a nap is a much better way to take a break than aimlessly scrolling down Facebook or starting another TV show on Netflix. After a nap, (ideally) you're reenergized and refocused, which is the optimum state to be in when there is work to do. The last few weeks before the end of term can be highly stressful, so here's a mini-guide to not being frustrated all the time. If you need more helpful resources, check out this post from my archive!


This video is slightly terrifying and not exactly my aesthetic but wonderful all the same.

How has your week been?

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