Monday, November 16


Sometimes you just gotta treat yourself. Julia and I are seven labs into our Intro to Computer Science course as computer science majors, with just one more lab, one final project, and one mid-term to go. I'd say it's about time we treated ourselves. Well, really, it was Julia who treated me. She was the one who went all the way to H Mart and bought the stuff we needed to make ddeokbokki, my absolute favourite Korean food. And then she was the one who did most of the cooking while I mostly hovered around with my camera (#bloggerstrugs). To be fair, food is art. But more delicious ;)


Friday, November 13

Beijing, summer of 2015

photos by Kathleen and Kristy

My best friend Sheena and I joked that being apart for college wouldn't be difficult for us because it wouldn't be any different from high school. We've never had any classes together since 7th grade, and then throughout my upperclassman years of high school, I was mostly holed up in the art studio, either napping or actually working on projects I needed to be working on (what a foreign concept!).

We don't have the same dynamic as the typical pair of best friends, and it works. On the wonderful occasions we finally see each other again, we fall right back into conversation as if no time has passed.

Back home in Beijing with no responsibilities (no classes, no internship, no job) for a good part of summer, I've mostly been hanging out at Starbucks with Sheena and Ray, and cramming in photography with Kathleen and Kristy, who are sharing their photos on the blog today in this collab!


Tuesday, November 3


I have high expectations for autumn. I won't be appeased until I'm wrapped in a scarf, crunching through a bed of multicoloured leaves, a rich steaming beverage in hand, the breeze nipping my flushed cheeks, the trees glowing as they catch the soft light dripping from the sun on a clear day.

Umbrella wedged between my ear and shoulder, conditions far from optimal, I hold my iPhone up to the gloomy day dusted with golden leaves. And it occurs to me. Today is autumn. So was yesterday and so will tomorrow be. I am here in this in-between, in this life of going from one place to the next.

What kind of life would it be if I didn't stop to smell the roses, even when there were no roses to smell? I'd miss the bouquet of chestnut, clove, cranberry, vanilla, apple, cinnamon, pumpkin, and Yankee Candle fall fragrances. I'd keep waiting. Waiting for this in-between season to strike the perfect balance. Looking for a moment, there then gone. No wonder autumn only ever seems to last for a day.

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PS: #tbt the seasons


Thursday, October 29


Have you picked up the latest issue of Artful Blogging Magazine? Because guess who's in it? :D It's just a quick little shout out really, but still exciting! I've been a huge nerd about it, not daring to open the package until I photographed the label reading "Artist Complementary" above my address and then proceeding to cut out the label for safekeeping.

Also in this issue, check out Abby's article on travel blogging and Rae's article on balancing blogging!

Blogging is what I do for fun. It's what I do when I want to procrastinate. I don't plan on ever blogging professionally or monetizing my blog. I have a monthly newsletter, but I'm not actively promoting it. I have a stat counter for Bloglovin', but other than that, I'm not too concerned with growing a following on social media. It's all about the art of the blog, and everything else is just white noise.

To see even a part of it recognized and published in print means so much to me. It feels kinda legit. I've been mentioned more thoroughly around the web before, like in blogger interviews (shameless plug: newly linked on my about page), but still... nothing beats print! Like that feeling when you hold a new book in your hands and leaf through the pages. Or that feeling when you hold a really old book in your hands. Like that feeling when you finally have your photographs printed and put them up on your wall.

It really just is a shout out, not a big deal, but a milestone for me and the blog nonetheless. I'm honored that Artful Blogging Magazine reached out to me, showing me another opportunity of the many the blogosphere presents. Maybe my next step will be to participate in their seasonal challenges and have a proper article published. Wouldn't that be a nice blogging goal for 2016?

Speaking of which, some of you lovely people have been checking in on how I'm doing with my 2015 blogging goals. Unfortunately since writing that post I have switched commenting systems from the default Blogger commenting system to Disqus, so you won't be able to read the comment you left all those months ago (if you did), the other 50 comments, or my replies. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I'm more than happy with my progress so far (how could I have foreseen being featured in Artful Blogging Magazine?), and I'm so touched that you not only remember the blog post but also care enough to check in. Y'all are the absolute best and I'm so thankful for every single one of you--the ones who read and comment, the ones who read in silent support, the ones I don't even know who read. <3

And on a sidenote, it's fun stepping away from narratives and travel posts once in awhile to spontaneously write to you guys like this. I should do it more often :)


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