Saturday, August 29

Brecon all the records // 34x52 mornings

If you wake up early enough, with the sun still making its way through the sky, you might be able to hike from Brecon to the main campus without breaking a sweat. It's quieter than most mornings because not everyone has arrived yet. Just working students, fall athletes, and the Dorm Leadership Team (DLT).

On mornings like these, it feels like I have the whole campus to myself, like I have my own big little secret garden. Winding through the halls of an unlocked castle, I choose a door at random and step out into the cloisters where I can see last night's handiwork laid out to dry, right where we left them.

This year I am part of Brecon Hall's DLT as a Peer Mentor (student academic advisor). I've held more than a few leadership positions before, but I still get nervous every time. The stakes are higher when there are other people relying on you, but it's so rewarding knowing you've been able to help someone, that you've made a valuable contribution. And I want to continue to be someone who does that.

So maybe I'm not entirely the most confident. So maybe I don't feel the most qualified. But I believe that I can rise to the occasion, and the only way to do that is to step out of my comfort zone.

That's where all the best things are.

Working together, brainstorming puns, painting banners, writing songs... It's gonna be a great year :)

click HERE to see our completed banner!


Monday, August 17

Checking in from Seattle // 32&33x52

Dad wakes up at 7:00AM and is surprised to see that I'm already awake. Incredulously, he asks if I stayed up all night: "Did you even go to sleep?" Pointedly, offendedly, and defensively I reply, "Of course!" even though I'd stayed up all night reading. Dad probably knows that too, but he resigns.

Hey, at least I achieved my Goodreads 2015 reading challenge, right? *pops some confetti*

Thank you for all your kind comments on my last 52 mornings post :') I'd just like to let you know that it wasn't as bad as it sounds--just one morning out of many--so don't fret! Anyways, despite the "rough" start, my time in Seattle has been eventful and, dare I say, even a little adventurous. I can't believe that next Sunday I'll be writing from campus again! It's always at the end when you realize how much time has passed you by and how little of it you have left.

Online I've kept quite mum, but offline I've been living it up! Well, as much as my introverted self can handle :P I've logged them all in my planner, so look at the picture above to see what's to come! ooh

PS: 3130292827262524232221201918171615141312111009080706.


Sunday, August 9

Florida, winter break '15 // 03

Graduating from high school, I jokingly announce that I will be retiring from swimming. But I should have known better. Once a swimmer always a swimmer.



Tuesday, August 4

Stuck inside // 31x52

The five of us are squished into a hotel studio. Our proximity to each other is driving me crazy. There's hardly any space. It's not just that the sofa is pulled out into a bed. It's not just that the cushions are laid out all over the ground because Ken refuses to share a bed with anyone. It's not just that take-out boxes filled with leftovers are cluttering the tabletops because my parents always order appetizers they assume we'll eat even though we very clearly state beforehand that the mains we order for ourselves will fill us up and so we will not be helping them in eating the appetizers.

I'm sitting in a corner of the room, making the most of what little space left there is. The physical confinement translates my mental state. The walls close in on my brain, squeeze it into a pulp, and--

*hiccup* Perfect. Every time I hiccup I feel like I'm gonna die. It feels like my innards are seizing up. What if one day I hiccup too hard and the pressure is too much and my innards explode? #realtalk

I can't escape. Nobody wants to go out. So I'm stuck inside. The TV is always on. Mom is always talking on the phone. One of the parents finally gets bored, complains about us always staying in, and then makes us go out to do whatever. Everyone's like, okay. I'm like, finally. My bag is packed and ready to go. Everyone is still glued to their screens and haven't moved an inch. There's another hour of this useless call and response. We're still inside.

Nobody knows the plan. I try to make some, but then someone always has something going on that they conveniently forgot to mention even though I explicitly ask what everyone has going on but they're all too distracted by whatever they're doing to pay my question any attention. I'm back at square one.

I could just forget about them and do my own thing. But it's always difficult to find my independence when on a family trip. I have no way to get anywhere except by walking, but there's not much within walking distance. I need to get a job and learn how to drive or something.

For now, the mornings are my escape. I usually have three hours to myself, 6:00AM - 9:00AM. There are no distractions and all is calm, except for the symphony of snores, but I much prefer that over the cacophony of bickering and stupid TV show cartoons.

My days are tense, to say the least, but it's nothing that a cup of bubble milk tea and a pair of earbuds can't cure.

PS: 3029282726252423222120191817161514131211100908070605.


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