United by Blue - warehouse sale!

womens tenton cuff shirt ($42 $20) - mens pattern pocket shirt ($42 $4) - womens tee ($36 $4) (print)

Over spring break, I visited ten coffee shops in seven days, and one of them was United by Blue, a coffee house and clothier. On Wednesday night (5/11) as I was recovering from my Discrete Math final and forcing myself to make progress with my Data Structures project, I received an email from United by Blue announcing their biggest sale of the year, their warehouse sale! I immediately texted my cafe-loving, #aesthetic-loving friends, and we made plans for a shopping trip on May 13, the first day of the sale (as everything would be due for us May 13 at noon so we'd be free the rest of the day, we'd be too busy on May 14 with Commencement, and we'd be moving out of our dorms on May 15).

The store was pretty chaotic and there were boxes and clothes everywhere, but I scored the three tops pictured above. I'm really proud of how much money I saved (though one could argue (my parents would probably argue) that I'd save the most money if I didn't buy anything at all...). The original prices are quite expensive and admittedly, I probably wouldn't by anything there full price with my college student budget, but it's for a good cause. United by Blue promises that for every product sold, United by Blue removes one pound of trash from our world's oceans and waterways.

The sale was such a steal. I knew I'd be tempted to get so much, so I did a little online shopping first to check out which items I wanted. However, what you see online isn't guaranteed to be in their warehouse and thus isn't guaranteed to be included in their warehouse sale, and the more popular sized items (S/M) might disappear quick. The tenton tee was one of the items I eyed online and had hoped to find in the store, and luckily enough I found a single one and snatched it up. The other tee I really wanted was the mens star silhouette tee, but although they had it online and in their store, it wasn't stocked in their warehouse. I found the pattern pocket shirt instead, which I really liked the colour contrast of, and which I thought would go well with the minimal wardrobe I'm working on.

As I was trying on my items in the single fitting room they have in the store, Kat and Jennifer came up outside and tossed in a womens tee saying we needed to get a picture together all wearing that same tee because we're dorks. At that point I wasn't trying on clothes anymore; I was taking pictures in the fitting room of the clothes I had chosen because they had a nice branch prop that I could hang the clothes from. So the three of us squeezed inside the fitting room and I hoped that there wouldn't be an impatient man waiting outside. It turns out we actually quite liked the tees, so each of us bought one, making it 3/$12, and then each of us bought another tee of our own choice, making another 3/$12.

Go check it out! It might not be the best time to sit down for a cup of coffee with all these boxes and clothes everywhere, but you can definitely grab a cup on your way out.

*This is not an ad. I'm just excited.*

144 N 2nd St
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 278-7746

tl;dr-- Check out United by Blue's warehouse sale May 13-15, their biggest sale of the year! I bought three tops.