Tumblr blocks Bloglovin'

This morning, my Tumblr BFF messaged me and said that she was catching up with my blog as nothing had showed up on my Bloglovin’ feed for a week. I checked, and it was true; my feed hasn’t been updated though I have been posting every weekday. I worried that I needed to do something along the lines of reconfiguring my account, and just as I was about to turn to my Tumblr lifestyle blogging peers to ask for help, I received an email from Bloglovin’:


Last Friday Tumblr blocked access for Bloglovin to read posts from all Tumblr blogs.

This means that your followers won’t be able to read your blog on Bloglovin and you’ll stop getting traffic from us.

Please help us by retweeting this message and urging Tumblr to unblock Bloglovin.

Tumblr has blocked all of their blogs from @Bloglovin https://www.bloglovin.com/tumblr-update. Please tweet @tumblr @davidkarp @marissamayer

Tumblr support: support@tumblr.com

David Karp, Founder/CEO of Tumblr: twitter.com/davidkarp

Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo: twitter.com/marissamayer

Best Regards
Mattias Swenson

Co-founder of bloglovin.com

I do not get very many emails from Bloglovin’, only weekly updates on blog activity (likes, new followers, total followers). I was a little skeptical of this email, but it perfectly explained why my Bloglovin’ feed hasn’t been updated in a week, so I trust this link and have retweeted it myself.

I think especially for Tumblr lifestyle bloggers, Bloglovin’ is a great way to generate traffic. Tumblr has sometimes been criticized for being called a blogging platform, because many users simply reblog content instead of creating their own, and so is sometimes referred to as micro-blogging. Because of this, Tumblr lifestyle blogs are not as easily appreciated amongst typical Tumblr micro-bloggers, in my personal opinion.

Without Bloglovin’, the only people who will be able to keep up to date with the newest posts will be Tumblr followers or people who have subscribed via email, but personally I haven’t been promoting the latter—in light of recent events, if you would like to subscribe to my blog via email for updates, check the second box in the right sidebar under “Connect” and enter your email address where specified. Otherwise, updates may be received through other means of social media, though it is to the blogger’s discretion to decide which platforms to promote his/her blog with. My personal links are:

Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Goodreads | VSCO | Twitter | Bloglovin’

Without Bloglovin’, Tumblr lifestyle bloggers may lose a huge portion of their audience, but the blogosphere is not just about generating traffic—it’s about building a community where like-minded people can share their thoughts and inspiration, and/or where people with different insights can enrich our perspectives with their own.

Please help bring Bloglovin’ back to Tumblr by sharing this link via Tumblr and/or clicking this link to reweet and spread the word.
Thank you so much! Your contribution to the lifestyle blogging community is greatly appreciated.