Friday favourites // 02

ONE // Beijing from above, and the story of how I was detained by the police

I've been in Pennsylvania for approximately two weeks now and enjoying every bit of it at Bryn Mawr College (check out some snapshots of the beautiful campus on my Instagram), but this video sure does make me feel a little homesick! This is Beijing as you've never seen it before in all of its beauty. Or maybe I'm just craving a little 煎饼 haha. Read about Trey Ratcliff's full experience here.

TWO // Earl grey and chocolate tea bag biscuits

Speaking of food, how cute are these biscuits? I've always been a sucker for tea time--they make me feel sophisticated in ways nothing else can (because I really am not a sophisticated person haha). Other noteworthy tastes of heaven are mood boosting smoothies and boozy coconut hot fudge milkshakes, because... I'M EIGHTEEN!! (Okay not legal yet, but if I were back in China I would be)

THREE // Why don't we have an eternal summer

Immortalize your summertime memories with these cute projects, and then get your productivity on, because it's time for school, hip hip hooray!! Having a hard time getting your butt out of bed? Check out this awesome combination alarm clock and coffee brewer. But don't forget to give your body a break with these yoga hacks, and then give your mind a break too by hitting the reset button.

Something extra: In one perfect sentence, Amy Poehler schools a guy in what it's like to be a woman.

FOUR // Freelance journey: noteworthy podcasts

Even though one of my favorite YouTubers, Kingsley, has been talking about his podcasts ever since he made the decision to switch social media platforms, I never knew how to go about it/get into it. Do you listen to podcasts? If not, this is a good place to start, especially if you're interested in freelancing/blogging. If podcasts aren't your thing but you'd still like to gain more insights about blogging, check out this interesting article commenting on the fine line between living your life for blogging and blogging while living your life.

FIVE // Buckingham Palace pirouetting guard shows off his funky dance moves

I've never been to the Buckingham Palace and so have never seen a Buckingham Palace guard in real life before, but they sure are aesthetically pleasing (check out my adorable iPad stylus)! Unfortunately for this particular Buckingham Palace guard, there is now a hunt to identify pirouetting 'bearskin' guardsman who shamed army, though imo, he was quite sensational.

How has your week been?

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