The big announcement!

But just to keep you on the edge of your seat, I’ll start with a little update, because, oh gosh, my life is soooooooo interesting!! Yesterday was fun, because while my brothers were at school, Mom had a shopping withdrawal and I was nearby. How could I stand idly by in her time of need?

We hopped on a taxi in the drizzling rain and rode into the city to grab some lunch, which consisted of 卤肉饭 (minced pork rice) from 永和豆浆, taro custard pudding from Honeymoon Dessert, and bubble milk tea from Coco for me, and 牛肉面 (beef noodle soup) from 永和豆浆 and crunchy mocha gelato on a stick from Gelato-Stick (creative naming huh?) for Mom.

Next up, we satiated Mom’s shopping withdrawal. Well, I did it for her, with this gorgeous pair of shoes from Moda Union for 1 298 RMB. There was another pair I absolutely loved and that I would have gotten in addition to this pair, but the store didn’t have it available in my size; it had a simple design, was very comfortable, and would probably have gotten more use than the pair I bought. Btw, I’m shopping now for the rest of my freshman year of college, because I probably won’t have time or money to do this myself once I leave my parents in Beijing. Usually I’m not one for spending money.


After that, we made a detour to get Mom’s iPhone screen fixed, and while we waited for that to happen, we went to get our nails done—our fingers manicured without color, our toes pedicured and polished with gel. Apparently gel polish is not bad for your nails, and is in fact better for your nails than color polish, as long as the gel doesn’t cover whole edges of your nails, which is where nails “breathe,” or so our manicurists informed us. Gel polish lasts for at least a month; if you remove it earlier, it can hurt your nails, so you shouldn’t do that, but whenever you feel like getting it removed, you should go to a nail salon to get it done properly so that you don’t hurt your nails.

By the time we finished, getting Mom’s iPhone back and everything, it was almost time for Dad to get off work, so we waited for him, since the mall we were at was right next door to his office. To pass the time, we popped into a store called Pop Mart. Everything there is so cool. I was so tempted to buy a ukulele and a large plush reindeer and bags specially made for Fujifilm polaroid cameras, but resisted and instead came out with a stylus pen that was also a ballpoint pen that also included a cute earphone jack for 168 RMB, and also a disheveled notebook that was originally 69 RMB, but due to its poor condition, was on sale for 34 RMB. I plan to paste my polaroids in there, because the paper is nice and thick, and the dimensions of the notebook make it seem photo-album-esque; I can deal with the disheveled quality—a worn in notebook seems to hold more life, doesn’t it?


And now for the big announcement… After a long day out shopping, I felt like I hadn’t really done much (well, I didn’t, unless you consider spending money “doing a lot”), so when I got home, I got a start on shifting platforms from Tumblr to Blogger. Hello!

The reason for this shift is that Tumblr has blocked Bloglovin’, and I am really upset about it, for reasons iterated in the linked post, but also, because I feel like spiting Tumblr for it has done me a great wrong. Haha just kidding (kinda). Though I am shifting to Blogger, I will still keep my Tumblr blog up and continue to post photos, add little captions for teasers, and then redirect you to this blog for the full post. I could never leave the Tumblr community, because I love you all so much!

This blog,, after one [long, grueling] day [dabbled with breaks spent watching Once Upon a Time], is now up and running! Hurrah!! Disclaimer: A few pages still under construction.

From this week onward, my life will start getting really busy as I get settled into college. Now probably isn’t the best time for me to restart my blog on a new platform, but you know me, once I get an idea pertaining to blogging, it won’t leave my head until I get a move on, so here I am getting a move on. I’ll slowly be transferring posts one by one from Tumblr to Blogger, choosing my favorites, and perhaps doing a little editing here and there. I know that I could simply import my posts, but seeing as many of you are new(er?ish?) followers, you probably haven’t seen my old posts anyway, so it’ll be fun taking a walk down memory lane.

*New Bloglovin’ profile* [that will actually be updated, unlike Tumblr-based profiles humph]