Is it Christmas yet?

Click here for live updates. To be honest, I've been counting down to Christmas ever since Halloween, but first, how was your Thanksgiving weekend? I flew over to California for a little reunion with my high school friends, Rozy and Poonie. There'll be a post coming up about it some time later this week, so I don't want to give too much away! All I'll say for now is that I had the best food I've eaten in ages (sneak peek), and I'm sure many college students will say the same. Parents love to spoil us with tons and tons of food when we come back home. Sometimes they get a little too excited, cook too much, and end up with a bunch of leftovers. Pack them away with these super cute, and most importantly, free Thanksgiving printables to top your to-go boxes! With your Thanksgiving leftovers, whip up a loaded turkey panini. And perhaps soothe your stomach with a Thanksgiving detox smoothie afterwards.

ONE // Driftwood advent calendar

It might be difficult to find a nice piece of driftwood, but otherwise, this project is quite simple! I love its rustic vibe with a tinge of modern minimalism. This isn't the typical Christmas project as it lacks greens, reds, and illustrations of snow/trees/reindeer/etc., but the gold glitter captures that Christmas magic.

TWO // Wooden tree advent calendar

Why settle for a single tree when you can have a whole forest? The 3D aspect really amps up this project. Though I usually prefer advent calendars that involve getting goodies, the idea of advent activities isn't so bad either. Christmas isn't about getting presents after all.

THREE // Paper trees advent countdown

If you aren't trustable with sawing birch plywood into shapes of trees, this project might be a good alternative for you. These little boxes could be presents themselves, even without anything in them! That is not to say that you should leave them empty. In fact, stuff them with as much as you can.

FOUR // String art advent calendar

For those short on supplies, this may be the best option. Of the bunch, this advent calendar is the most traditional. You might not be able to get a Christmas tree into your dorm room, but you can make one as big as you want out of string against a blank wall! Well, up to the ceiling I guess.

FIVE // Simplify Christmas

The countdown begins tomorrow, so you better make your advent calendar first, but after that and before you do anything else, declutter and simplify, because the holidays can get kinda crazy. Christmas is my favorite season of the year, so it's really easy to get swept away with endless planning. Don't make yourself so busy that you forget to soak it all in. Happy holidays!

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