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I haven't had any time to prepare for the holidays, so now it's time to get down to business. Here's a roundup of Christmas links I've been hoarding over the past month, and now I finally have time to get a start on them. I'm just a bit of a procrastinator. But it's never too late for Christmas!

ONE // Christmas survival packs

Holidays should be great right? You finally get to reunite with family you haven't seen for awhile, but sometimes the holidays can bring out the worst in us so here's a little survival pack. Before you go, learn to pack without wrinkles, and once you arrive, figure out jetlag. Your family may drive you crazy and even you might drive yourself crazy trying to make everything perfect for the holidays, but focus on the merry spirit and relish your holiday traditions. Remember: mistakes make great stories.

TWO // Printable recipe cards

Food is definitely what I look most forward to when I'm home for the holidays. It's going to be difficult trying to fight holiday food temptations if not impossible. I've been on baking withdrawal thanks to the lack of kitchens in college, so now that I'm back, I'm planning to have a day of festive baking.

DIY: make holiday pies awesome, golden glitter star cake toppers, cake and beverage stencil

Uncategorized: pine simple syrup, coffee and maple spiced nuts, peppermint bark, more

Hot chocolate: vegan peppermint hot chocolate, red wine hot chocolate, white Christmas cocoa, nutella hot chocolate, chocolate orange hot chocolate, boozy pumpkin white hot chocolate, creamy hot chocolate, gingerbread hot chocolate (serve in style with a charming hot cocoa stand)

Gingerbread: cinnamon ginger buns, maple glazed gingerbread sconesdeep dark gingerbread waffles

Cranberries: cranberry brie tartlets, orange bourbon cranberry sauce, cranberry pie with pecan crumble

Eggnog: homemade eggnog v1 v2, eggnog french toast v1 v2 v3, eggnog marshmallows

Drinks: strawberry pomegranate sangria, sparkling cider, apple pie cocktail, mint merrymaker cocktail

THREE // Five steps to a perfect holiday garland

Transform your space with greenery. It's all about garlands (sequin letter, jingle chime, wood veneer chain, holiday, more), wreaths (pipe, simple, unique), and trees (paper, plywood, skirt)! After your Christmas tree is up, decorate it with ornaments (paper ball v1 v2, dried citrus, watercolor, felt pinecone owl). If you're still lacking in greenery, try these mistletoe balloons. Other fun things to decorate the house with are tin punched votive candles, birch wood tea light holders, woven stockings, and giant snowflake light-up marquees. If you only have a small space available, keep this in mind. Now that your house is ready, it's time to get your party on! Do you want it to be more modern or more of a whimsical wonderland? No matter the case, stay effortless--don't let the holidays smother you!

FOUR // Subtle holiday shimmer

It's going to be the first time in awhile my relatives will see me, so I want to look my best! In the cold weather, it's very difficult to find motivation to look nice when all you want to do is curl up in bed all day with a thick blanket wrapped around you in your PJs. Here are some tricks to looking and feeling fairly awesome even though it's freezing. The only things I don't mind changing into are ugly but cozy Christmas sweaters. If you're more fashion forward, here is how you can style Christmas knitwear. Give your eyes a holiday sparkle and see how you can deal with these holiday beauty problems.

FIVE // Handmade holiday gift wrap party

If anybody would be so kind as to send me a gift... I want this for Christmas!! REALLY BADLY!!! I guess you could get me a dream car or something handmade or something from Boden or something to do with photography, but all I really want is this this THIS! If you get me that, don't even worry about wrapping it. On the other hand, if you don't, your wrapping better be impressive like this or this or this or this or this or this. Haha jk, but those wrappings are pretty cool. If you're still trying to find a present for someone, check out these five quick and easy gift giving ideas using dōTERRA essential oils.

PS: Christmas advent calendarsChristmas music videos, & Christmas Village at Love Park

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