Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

So I was thinking of doing a backwards blogmas (starting Dec 25 in a twelve-days-of-Christmas-esque style), but I realized that everyone else was doing the exact opposite--apparently the holidays is a time to spend offline with family(???)--so that idea has been put on hold, indefinitely. (But in all seriousness, unplug for a bit and hang out with the people who love you most.) (Come back to this post tomorrow, as you lie in bed at the end of the day, during your spare time, or while you poo.) (Yeah, I'm very serious.)

random plug: posted this image on my instagram and my college regrammed it. *proud*

mom: why do people even like this [picture]? the color. so old.

My Christmas was more untraditional than usual (my family isn't all that traditional in the first place). I woke up early, but everyone else was still asleep, so I spent my morning killing time surfing the web, but there wasn't much to surf, because everyone else in the world was busy doing traditional Christmas stuff like opening presents and interacting with people. Or something.

It turns out I woke up too early and ended up crashing around midday, but I woke up in time for dinner, AKA the highlight of my day. For dessert we had green tea pudding topped with red bean (festively colored) and red bean soup with sago. And afterwards I got my daily dose of bubble milk tea. Peace.

My evening concludes with some blog catch-up...
...and an at-home karaoke session with my mom consisting only of "You Raise Me Up."

Nothing extravagant, but I like it this way. I'm not too big on celebrations. (High school graduation was one of the most fake and depressing events I endured.) This is my family, and it's the little things that make us who we are, it's the little things that we remember, it's the little things that matter the most.

BUT to satisfy those of you merry makers, check out the festivities over at The Londoner, Making Magique, and Wish, Wish, Wish. I can't wait to read everyone's post-Christmas posts!

How did you spend this lovely day?

PS: Everything ChristmasChristmas music videos, & Christmas Village at Love Park

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