52 mornings, inspired by 1000 Threads // 01

One of my 2015 blogging goals is to be more consistent, and my first step towards achieving that is with a weekly blogging project that will (hopefully) continue throughout the year: a 52-week project.

I was inspired by Laicie of 1000 Thread's 52 dates project, but as I don't have a boyfriend (and never have and probably won't have for awhile as I'm attending a women's college hah, much to my parents' relief probably), I needed to come up with my own theme.

I thought it would be fun to do 52 brunches and live up to my blog name, but with an unpredictable college schedule, I can't guarantee that I'll be able to have the luxury of having Sunday brunch every week, so I decided to give myself some leeway and go with 52 mornings instead, brunch or no brunch.

The dream is to curate something as beautiful as morningslikethese. The idea is that this project will motivate me to get my butt out of bed on Sunday mornings and maybe explore the local town and its cafes so that you don't just see pictures of my blankets every week. but but but... so comfy...

These 52 mornings are just for light reading every Monday--mostly a chance for me to work on my everyday photography and to get more comfortable with writing. I'm a big believer in enjoying the little things in life, so even though this topic is a bit more trivial than most, I hope you can experience a few simple pleasures with me. Feel free to take on this project and join me, or share your own 52 project!

Spent my first week of the new year in Japan! We're staying at the Hilton hotel and I look forward to the breakfast buffet every morning. It's the only reason I've been getting out of bed, because seriously, the bed is so warm and the sheets are so clean and the mattress is so soft and the pillows are so fluffy.

Reality comes a'knocking when my dad and brother come from their room to wake the rest of us up. I'm so glad that we were able to get two rooms, because I'm not sure how long I could last with my family in one. They drive me crazy! College is great because I get to see my family for just the right amount of time, which is not very much at all, but when I do finally see them again, I appreciate them much more.

Lying in bed this morning I was reminded of my stay at the Philadelphia Airport Marriott hotel the night before my first flight of winter break. There wasn't any free wifi in my room, so I roamed the lobby and airport for connection and food. When I got back to my room I was greeted by two beautiful queen sized beds, but not a refrigerator, microwave, kettle, or complimentary water bottle in sight.

Picture someone in a big room watching Christmas movies alone. Picture a college student who looks likes a middle school student sitting on one of two queen sized beds in front of the TV watching Christmas movies alone while nibbling on cold snacks that she intended to eat on her flight because she couldn't microwave the microwavable rice she bought because there was no microwave. Pitiful.

As an introvert, I like being alone... but not lonely, which is how I felt in that room as everyone was bustling around me during the holiday season. I was there in the middle of it but also I wasn't.

And that's what I was thinking of this morning before I was distracted by my odd foot tan, which I'm hoping to even out in Florida :) Lying in bed, not wanting to get up, I am thankful for my family. Everyone says they're thankful for their family and I want to say something more original, but it's true.

I'm thankful for them. I don't always show it (my family may consider this a massive understatement haha) but I am. I love how comfortable I am with them. I love randomly bursting into song. And having them join in. I love being able to fart when I need to. And complimenting theirs when they let theirs rip. I love obnoxiously knocking on their door. Then darting away when I realize I've been knocking on the wrong one. I love having minions to order around to fetch me food when I'm hungry instead of trekking all the way to the dining hall. I love being on my worst behavior. And being unconditionally forgiven. By my parents at least. We're a little dysfunctional, but isn't every family?

I'm hungry.

PS: As you may have noticed, my last few posts have all been "inspired by" posts. What can I say? I follow some awesome blogs, the new year brings out the innovation in all of us, and I'm really digging my feed! Don't worry, not all of my posts this year will be "inspired by" posts, but I hope you've enjoyed them. In case you missed it, check out my 2015 blogging goals and personal mantras.