Baby it's cold outside // 07x52

Love is like the wind, you can't see it but you can feel it. -Nicholas Sparks, A Walk to Remember.

The campus is looking beautiful with a fresh layer of snow, but don't let its calm demeanor fool you. Something unseen threads its way through the spindly branches and rustles the fallen leaves. It finds its way to the hood of your coat and snakes past your scarf, seeping all the way down to the very tip of your toes. And you will know that one thing is true: you can sure as hell feel wind chill, and it's a biatch.

So I guess it's an accurate metaphor for love. LOL jk, hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day :)

If it weren't for my breakfast buddy, I would never have made it out of my dorm. Trying to get out of bed is a battle every morning, but it's been especially grueling lately. When the wind is almost literally howling outside, it's very hard to find the motivation to slog through it to join civilization, even if they do have pancakes and potatoes for breakfast. Because who needs civilization when there's wifi?

Not only did we make it out of the dorm, but we also made it all the way across campus to the dining halls with all our fingers and toes attached. I'd call it a day right then and there, but unfortunately, a pile of assignments eagerly await me. Their enthusiasm for me is not reciprocated by me for them.

But I remember how glorious it felt to complete all my work last weekend and how much easier it was for me to get through the week because of that. So I set to work. It's a lot like exercise. Getting out of bed, into your workout clothes, and out to the gym are the hardest parts, but once you get it going it's not so bad, and afterwards you feel invincible with all those endorphins pumping through you. It doesn't make it any easier to get up the next morning, but you just need to hold onto that feeling you get after the whole thing. Actually, being academically productive is pretty much exercise. But for your brain.

Now I'm a little stuck. Throughout the week, at the back of my mind I'm always thinking, "What can I do on Sunday for my 52 project that could be even the slightest bit interesting? Should I schedule this outing or that outing on Sunday instead of Saturday just so that I have something to blog about?" Ya know, the struggles of a personal lifestyle blogger. But doing something every week, even if it's only once a week, is kinda tiring, especially on top of all that darn school work. On one hand, I can spend my weekends doing awesome things to blog about, and on the other hand, I can spend my weekends being productive and making my life easier. For a type A personality like myself, having fun doesn't always mean taking the easy way, which makes this dilemma considerably more difficult to deal with.

It's past midnight and this post is already a day late, so I'll let this matter (and myself) rest (zzz) and just go with the flow for the time being. Hopefully the urgency of various situations I come across will make the decisions for me. Sometimes you just need to get out of your own head (and bed) and let it be.

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PS: 0605040302. 01.

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