Friday favourites // 05

ONE // 24 hours in Istanbul

It's finally summer, when wanderlust is at its peak. Some of us are off chasing adventures, and some of us (me) are living life vicariously through the Internet. JacksGap's 24 Hours In... vlog series will take you away, and on his blog you can see all the behind the scenes action. His camera is rad. Another 24 hour adventure to check out is Ghost Parties' in Iceland, which was actually a stopover on her way to NYC--for no extra cost. Speaking of bargains, this man has figured out how to fly for free. There are still a few months left before summer break is over so it's not too late to look for ways to get abroad.

TWO // Enjoying the in-between

Summer is the best season to lose track of time. It's the season of perpetual weekends. Who cares what day it is? I'm surprised I even realized that today was Friday. When you're given this much time and freedom, you're going to want to use it. So many places to be, people to meet, projects to start. So much planning to do... Perhaps your excitement begins to wane there. The truth of the matter is that you don't have to be excited to stay committed. But why not enjoy this moment? After all, you're here.

THREE // How creating a daily schedule helps me get more done

It's great to be a dreamer and all--it really is a beautiful thing--but you gotta wake up and get sh*t done. First of all, make sure that what you're pursuing is your dream and not anyone else's. It's okay if your dream doesn't look the same as the people you're inspired by. Second, you have to realize that following your dreams is nothing but work. And finally it's time to get out of bed. Try these 8 tricks to make yourself wake up earlier. Working without a professor or classmates to keep you accountable can be difficult. Nevertheless, give everything you're capable of giving. Be confident. You can do it.

FOUR // Why you should read as often as you blog

The last Friday Favorites I posted was in January. I've been spending the last few days catching up on all 700+ blog posts I missed from the hectic last month of school and now I'm finally feeling inspired again. The flow of ideas is back and I couldn't be more excited! You may have noticed that I've been feeling burnt out, in regards to blogging; the 52 project has become my crutch and I haven't been posting much else. How can I inspire you if I can't inspire myself first? Reading other blogs stimulates my creativity and reconnects me to the blogosphere. There are so many things I want to do!

FIVE // S'mores donuts

Are you a Krispy Kreme or Dunkin' Donuts fan? I'm Krispy Kreme all the wayyy. Exactly a week ago was National Donut Day but there's no such thing as too many donuts, so here are some more. They're the perfect way to upgrade a plain ol' glazed donut into a gourmet masterpiece. If you're craving something a little more savory, try these cheddar donuts. If you find yourself in LA (I will!), here's the ultimate LA guide to donuts. Had enough? No such thing. Try these donut crafts.

How has your week been?

PS: 04. 03. 02. 01.

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