Summer buzz // 29x52

Everything is buzzing--the diffuser, the mosquitoes, my head. A soft glow shines from behind the curtain, which means that the sun is still inching its way up the sky. If the sun's not up yet, I shouldn't be either, but the diffuser doesn't seem to care; it's so loud I can't sleep! I know that as soon as I turn it off the mosquitoes will attack. Defeated, I lie listlessly in bed with my eyes pinned to the ceiling, letting the diffuser drone on and on, slowly but surely driving me insane. Oh, summer.

I will myself to fall back asleep because I know I'm going to need it for the day ahead. Today is Ken's birthday, so we're giving him the gift of leaving him home while we go sightseeing at 古北水镇. It's really everything he's ever wanted. Whenever we go on vacation, all he wants to do is stay at home and play video games, which is frustrating when there's so much of the world to see with so little time. Mom always insists that we need to drag him around, but I think that makes him hate going out even more.

Anyways, it doesn't seem that I'll be getting sleep anytime soon. With resignation, I roll out of bed to take a shower that will hopefully wash the buzzing out of my head before we head out to 古北水镇. Look forward to seeing the pictures in a future post!

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