Life lately // 03

This is my last week in Beijing before I'm headed to Seattle for the last part of my summer break. And then school starts! It's always fun getting ready to go back to school, but now it's really getting close and feeling more real, which is kind of making me nervous. I'll be training with the dorm leadership team, whom I'll continue to work alongside with throughout the year, and I'll be meeting the incoming first years, for whom I'll be paving the way and hopefully befriending as well.

Ah, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. There's still a bit of summer left!

01 // The first time I watched Jurassic Park I must have been very young because I remember being frightened to death and swore never to watch it again, but with the revival of Jurassic World, I thought I'd give it another go. (I felt the same way about Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets when the film first came out but now I love it, though never as much as the books.) We went on a Jurassic Park movie marathon to prepare ourselves for Jurassic World. I've now warmed up to the series, but I must say that it's also quite frustrating how there's always an idiot who screws everything up and is the sole source of conflict in each film (1. John Hammond and Dennis Nedry 2. can't remember but there must have been someone 3. Paul and Amanda Kirby). Anywho, all I have to say about Jurassic World is Blueeeeeee.

02 // There have been many times this past school year when a trip to the spa would have really done me some good, especially as a perpetually sore student-athlete. Now that I'm home, I get to take part in family trips to the spa once again, as there's one conveniently located in the clubhouse of our housing compound. Oh how I've missed this! My college student budget would never allow it.

03 // Homemade pizza! It's always such a treat to have non-Chinese food in the house, although after eating dining hall food for the past year, I wouldn't mind having a little more homemade Chinese food.

04 // Artsy picture of the "week" (these snapshots span over the course of about three weeks). I like how the taxi is peeking out behind that baby tree. I took it while sitting in the back of the car, outside of the house for once. Our parents must have been taking my brothers and I to a delicious restaurant in the city for lunch. It's one of the few ways to convince my brothers to leave the house.

05 // It's been raining like mad. I've forgotten that this is typical of a summer in Beijing. Usually I'm never here over the summer, so I've never experienced this weather for myself. Funny how I've left Beijing, but this summer I'm spending my whole time here. I don't think I'll be doing that again next summer. I was hoping to see my old friends from high school here, but they're all over the place so there's really no point. And it hasn't been very much fun being mosquito bait.

06 // The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Japan. Here's a cheeky little sneak-peek of my spontaneous trip to Japan this summer. Hopefully you'll be seeing a whole post about it on the blog sooner rather than later, rather than six months later like my post about winter break in Japan was. I've only just finished editing all my photos from Chapter Camp (two months ago) and Florida (seven months ago), so those will be making their appearances first. Until then, hold on tight!

07 // In our natural habitat, lying on the couch in front of the TV with our laptops, having the occasional snooze. In case you didn't catch it in my previous post, we've burned through House and The 100, and now I'm making my way through ❤ Downton Abbey ❤, which I'm thoroughly obsessed with.

08 // #basic Starbucks Instagram shot. It was just me and my mom carrying all these frappuccinos, which I thought was a funny sight and warranted a picture. The iced matcha latte is still my favorite, but I've also been enjoying the new honeycomb crunch mocha frappuccino.

09 // Making pancakes with my baby brother! Well, he's not a baby anymore and in fact he's taller than me now, but he'll always be the little one to me. Maybe I'm just in denial that I'm the shortest one in the family. Anyways, it was so much fun making pancakes with him! We had fun trying to make the most circular and golden pancake, but as you can see, we had a few mishaps along the way.

What have you been up to lately?

PS: 02. 01.