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Thank you Catherine @ The Blissful Mind for the nomination! Catherine is such a sweet and genuine lady, and I'm always looking forward to her easy-to-read posts (is it weird that I'm obsessed with all the headings and subheadings and bolds and bullets?) and her comment replies.

I remember reading her April goals and thinking, hey, I wanna join in on the 30 Days of Yoga Challenge. Alas, it only lasted for one or two days, but I've picked the challenge back up this summer. I tweeted about it back in April and was so excited when she tweeted back; I still haven't quite figured out how to use Twitter properly, so I get unreasonably excited by every interaction I have and notification I get (send me a tweet and make my day ;)). Three months later, she still remembers my attempt! I mention it while commenting on her blog every now and then :P

I don't know how to interact with pets. // You know how people automatically adopt another voice when they talk to babies or animals? Well, that doesn't come to me instinctively; I just give a really long and high-pitched "awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww" so that I don't seem too heartless. Not only do I not know how to express how I feel about animals when I come across them, but I actually don't really care to interact with them. Hyper ones make me nervous, and chill ones... I just let them be. They're chill, I'm chill, we're all chill, life is good. When I was in elementary school, my brothers and I really wanted a puppy, so when our parents hatched their plan to move to China, they bribed us by promising to get us a puppy if we agreed to the move. So of course we agreed! But the odds were against us. A few months later we found out that my mom and youngest brother are allergic to fur, so we never got a puppy despite moving. Not growing up with a puppy is what I blame for my inability to interact with pets.

I'm frugal with Post-Its. // I purchase a beautiful stack of Post-Its, the surface perfectly smooth, the edges perfectly cut, the sticky part perfectly sticky. I spent real life money on this beautiful stack of sticky paper. Am I going to just... mar it with ink and stick it on a surface only to be removed later and thrown in the trash? I need to be careful where I place it, because every time it is pressed down and lifted up, it loses a little more of its stickiness. I have a great aesthetic appreciation for Post-Its and stationary in general, which makes it very hard to actually use all the Post-Its and stickers and journals and pens I buy. Am I sure I want to put a sticker there? FOREVER? Oh but look at these perfectly lined pages. I need to save this beautiful ink for a special occasion. Plain ol' scrawlings won't do.

I can't watch horror films. // I watched The Orphan at a sleepover with my best friend and wasn't able to sleep for the following month. Literally. It was my first and last horror film. I didn't even watch it properly. Halfway through I burrowed my head underneath the covers and made my friend mute the volume and explain what was going on without the graphic details. Whenever her descriptions became too much, I'd shriek for her to stop. The following month I only got rest because I'd pass out from exhaustion after lying in bed for hours with the lights on. When my mom made her evening rounds, she'd turn the lights off for me after I'd fallen asleep. It was a dark month. Strangely enough, my favorite TV shows are Game of Thrones and American Horror Story (only season 1 though, but it's the most disturbing).

I'm claustrophobic around my neck. // I think that this is because of this scene in The Parent Trap. Also, kinda related but not really (just let me go off on this tangent), I used to really love roly-polys. At recess I'd hunt through the grass and collect them in my hand. At the end of recess I'd let them go, but on one fateful day... they were the ones that wouldn't let go of me. Try as I might to shake them off, they kept crawling up and up my arm, a beeline to my neck. I was brave and smart and didn't scream because that would just give them an opening to crawl in--I learned from Meredith's mistake. So... this is what I picture every time something gets close to my neck.

I always alternate between stirring clockwise and counterclockwise. // The purpose of mixing is to jumble up all the particles. If you keep stirring in one direction, the particles begin to pick up the flow and stop bumping into each other and mixing; even though they're moving, they're basically in one place. This logic may be flawed, but that's how I picture it. Reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince only confirmed my suspicions. In Snape's copy of Advanced Potion-Making, he altered the potion formula for Draught of Living Death, making a note saying, "add one clockwise stir after seven anti-clockwise stirs to obtain the clear colour faster." Now doesn't that make all the sense in the world? To maintain efficient mixing, break the flow of particles by stirring the other way!

I'm too lazy to organize my music library. // My first portable music device was a Zune HD, the Microsoft version of an iTouch :P but has since been discontinued. The Zune is gorgeous, and I even chose a custom pattern and engraving. I feel like the Zune could have lasted if it was advertised better. I just assume that nobody knows what a Zune is. Anyways, my dad helped me set up a monthly subscription so that I could download all the music I wanted. All was fine and well until my Zune broke, I got an iPod, and stopped my Zune subscription. Now I need to manually add songs to my iTunes, but it's so much work! On the other hand, I can't bear having a disorganized music library either, so I've given up on acquiring music altogether and just stream it online as I only have 36 songs in my library.

I have multiple Tumblr blogs. // Of course there's the sister blog that is my photography hub @brunchataudreys, although I'm getting a little bored of it because it feels redundant. What do you think? There's my first and main Tumblr humor blog that shows a lot more personality than I usually do @jealousies. There's the stereotypical Tumblr-aesthetic/personal blog @auderoy. There's the peaceful vintage blog @eclaer. There's a temporary blog where I collect inspiration for dorm deco because I'm really excited to have a single this coming year and haven't yet figured out Pinterest @dorm-spo. And there's a secret one where I tell all my deepest darkest secrets. Jk, I just write about what's on my mind, unfiltered, mostly with phrases, occasionally with brief sentences. You might say that I'm a little addicted to Tumblr. I think I have multiple Tumblr blogs just because I have so much fun customizing themes. My main mode of communication with friends from high school is sharing Tumblr links via Facebook wall.


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