I have high expectations for autumn. I won't be appeased until I'm wrapped in a scarf, crunching through a bed of multicoloured leaves, a rich steaming beverage in hand, the breeze nipping my flushed cheeks, the trees glowing as they catch the soft light dripping from the sun on a clear day.

Umbrella wedged between my ear and shoulder, conditions far from optimal, I hold my iPhone up to the gloomy day dusted with golden leaves. And it occurs to me. Today is autumn. So was yesterday and so will tomorrow be. I am here in this in-between, in this life of going from one place to the next.

What kind of life would it be if I didn't stop to smell the roses, even when there were no roses to smell? I'd miss the bouquet of chestnut, clove, cranberry, vanilla, apple, cinnamon, pumpkin, and Yankee Candle fall fragrances. I'd keep waiting. Waiting for this in-between season to strike the perfect balance. Looking for a moment, there then gone. No wonder autumn only ever seems to last for a day.

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