Cafe Cesura

With its concrete walls, exposed lighting, and pipes running along the ceiling, Cafe Cesura gives off a very industrial vibe. Voices bounce off the walls and drift up towards the high ceiling. I hang around all afternoon and wait until the final minutes to take my pictures, hoping to get clearer shots with less customers around. The sound of my shutter going off echoes conspicuously throughout the cafe without the sound of the bustling customers around to mask it.


Dad tries to sneak a shot of me at work, so I shoot him an evil eye, though in retrospect I'm glad he took it, because it's one of the few surviving photos that show my hair in its technicolour glory, albeit the lighting isn't all that great, but if you look closely, you'll see that my hair matches closely to Cafe Cesura's purple walls. It's a match made in heaven.

It's summer break so there isn't much for me to do besides sitting idly at my table drafting blog posts, Dad along for the ride. I can't recall if anything significant happened, and it doesn't help that I'm writing this blog post about six months later over winter break. All I remember is that I was in Seattle, I wanted to go cafe hopping, I asked Mira if she had any recommendations, and she recommended this place.

That's the beauty of summer break. That I can check out a cafe whenever I want to because I want to. I don't need to have a reason like a coffee shop ambience puts me in a better mood for productivity, because it's summer break, and who's productive over summer break? I don't need to have a reason like I need coffee to perk me up, because who needs help to stay up over summer break? If I'm feeling tired, I'll just go right back to sleep thank you very much. There's pretty looking food here, but tbh I just came from lunch so I'm not all that hungry. Just wanted to make a stop here, because why not?

It's summer break and I have time. Almost so much so that I'm verging on boredom. I wish we could harvest these days and store them for the school year, redistributing time for weeks I have one assignment too many (more like ten assignments too many). But of course, even amidst boredom, I would never wish for more work, because I know that will come in due time. So right now I'll just sit and enjoy this boredom, trying hard not to stare at the curious people coming and going through the cafe.

Is that unambitious of me? Probably.

1015 108th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA 98004
(425) 633-2362

tl;dr-- I visited Cafe Cesura on a summer afternoon and had nothing to do and liked it. Oh, and my hair matches the walls.

PS: maan coffee, hothouse coffee, milk & honey cafe