Table, Boeing, beach - 9/52 :)

I stayed up rather late on Tuesday night to get my Oh Wonder post up for Wednesday, and that threw off my sleeping schedule for the rest of the week. Now that I'm in a more rested state of mind, reading back the Oh Wonder post, I feel like it was written quite hyper/hysterically. I personally found it amusing, because I'd read something and my mind would hop over to that memory, but you are reading this for the first time, so I don't know if you found that post even half as entertaining as I did. I just hope that it didn't come off obnoxious o.o Let me know what kind of posts you enjoy reading!

  1. On Monday I had a quiz for Phonetics & Phonology that went pretty rough for the whole class. The professor's plan was to give us 15 minutes for it, correct it quickly in class, and then get on with the lecture. We ended up spending an hour on the quiz, scrammed to mark it up, and never got to the lecture. On Wednesday we got the quizzes back to discover that we'd gotten a curve. In other academic news, I found out that my Discrete Math midterm won't contain any proofs. I despise proofs but Discrete Math is basically all proofs but we won't have any on the midterm. Praise the lawd. This coming week is midterm week, and I have my Discrete Math and Intro to Data Structures midterms on the same day, so it's gonna be rough, but this makes it a little better.
  2. On Tuesday I wore the most stereotypical blogger outfit: average white top and grey leggings hidden by a long Barbour olive wax coat (similars 1 & 2), tartan scarf, and red Hunter tour rain boots. #shitbloggerswear
  3. Last time I Skyped Anny, Courtney, and Jolie (#9), we joked that we graduated from distinguishing our different friends in high school as "table groups" (table as in lunch table) to distinguishing our different friends in college as "friend groups." Everyone is so busy; it's hard to coordinate meals together; what can you do? But this week I wanna give a shoutout to my Tuesday Lunch Table, which seems to have become a thing. I love 'em. Looking back on Happy List #5 bullet #2, I feel :') about our growing friendship. It's weird to say it so formally... "growing friendship..." but I don't know how else to put it in words. Inside I'm just ♥  ❤
  4. I've been feeling annoyingly moody and munchy these past few nights. (We all know what's coming...) Mom sent me a whole box of assorted Japanese snacks, and I devoured four snack bags in a night, although I'd like to point out that they were small snack bags. I also had a piece of Meiji kyo-matcha chocolate, which is now one of my favourite chocolates.
  5. Sent out mail! The novelty of snail mail still hasn't worn off for me. I bought a plain grocery bag brown envelope from Staples and a roll of twine from Paper Source to create the perfect minimalist package. I brought it over to the post office, and then the lady just pulled off the twine to weigh the package and never put it back on. My heart broke, but at least I got a picture so that I could enjoy the beauty on my own, even if my recipient won't be able to.
  6. KatMiranda, and I took Friday off to hijack Bryn Mawr's Engineers and Makers club and joined them in touring Boeing, which consisted of a tour of their warehouse where we saw them manufacturing chinooks, a question-and-answer panel, and a live conference/webinar between Seattle and Philly. At the end we also got freebies, including a bar of dark chocolate and a portable charger. Read about it on Miranda's blog! My biggest takeaway from this experience was what one of the panelists said: Technical skill can be taught, but work ethic can't. She was telling us how she wasn't completely qualified for the job she applied for at Boeing, but her employer admired her work ethic and saw her potential, and so hired her.

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  7. Went to Green Engine Coffee twice this week! The first time was on a rainy Tuesday afternoon with Julia and Georgina. I love being in cosy cafes when it's raining out. The second time was on Friday with Kat after Boeing. That'll make a total of four trips to this coffee shop already. *holding back on revealing opinions/reviews until I make a post about it; sneak peeks on Snapchat @auderoylin until then*
  8. Crashed the badminton club's dinner. They had bubble tea. Also, Kat was out in Chinatown and brought bubble tea back for me. These people know how to gain my affection.
  9. ‎Enjoyed the gorgeous 15°C weather on Swarthmore's Parrish Beach. I was there twice this weekend, which is a little too much time away from Bryn Mawr for comfort, considering midterm week coming up, but Sunday afternoon turned out great. After our concert, we had an hour to kill before our van would arrive to take us back, so we hung around outside on the grass, took pictures with fancy cameras, and amused ourselves with Snapchat.
  10. Currently listening to 이유 by 열한시반.

I want to make an effort to remember the little joys in life, so my 52 week challenge for 2016 is to write weekly Happy Lists.

PS: 87654321.