Posse Plus retreat // 09x52

Imagine justice. I know that justice lives in me because... I hear and I listen; I see and I care. I know that justice lives in me because I love. I know that justice lives in me because I feel the injustice around me. I am a woman and a person of color, but because I was raised in such a sheltered environment, I've never felt discriminated against. In fact, I've lived a very privileged life, thanks to my parents.

This weekend I was at the Desmond Hotel for the Posse Plus Retreat my roommate invited me to. The theme of this retreat was crime and punishment. We were faced with uncomfortable questions about important issues. We created a safe space to share our thoughts, to tell our own personal stories. I found it hard to contribute to the conversation, because I never had to think about it before. I haven't experienced much. I was giving myself a hard time about it, but I realized how selfish of me that was.

Just listen.

It's about time for me to do some spring cleaning so that when I get back from break I'll be ready to go. I've been lagging in the blogosphere lately and really need to catch up. Maintenance is key to up-keeping your blog. I think most people do this around New Year, but I never got around to that.

Reply to emails // Some of you reached out to me after reading my 2015 Blogging Goals post about being blogger friends and also possibly collaborating on a future post. I was not expecting such a great response, so I just want to say that I'm incredibly touched and so thankful to have amazing people like you following along with me in this vast, virtual expanse of the Internet. I haven't been so great at communicating lately because I've been swamped with school work, but I'll be getting on that first thing! I'm always looking to connect with my readers. While I don't always extend a formal invitation to connect like I did in my 2015 Blogging Goals post, please know that my invitation is always extended, so don't hesitate to contact me about anything. Yes, you, I'm talkin' to you!

Reply to comments // Thank you for all your comments, whether they be simple words of agreement or encouragement, questions or advice. I've made a whole list of posts with comments I haven't yet replied to, including 2015 Blogging Goals, a Valentine's roundup, and 52 mornings 05 and 07. I want this to be a space where we can all share our ideas, because it's no fun just shoving mine in your face haha. I'm giving myself an hour a day to do nothing but go through comments and know you better. While reading comments, I also like to check out your blog, your about page, and your latest posts, so even though we've never officially met, it feels like we have. The blogosphere is just one big happy family :P Maybe one day I'll be able to meet some of you in real life! (2016 Blogging Goals...? :))

Browse Bloglovin' // My feed has been accumulating to 700 unread blog posts. Maybe that's why I've been a little stuck for inspiration and have instead just been posting little check-ins like this one. With my well of inspiration running dry, I've been tempted to throw in some filler posts, but I'm kind of glad I've refrained from doing that. I don't know... I'm of two minds. I'm a big believer in blogging with purpose, but sometimes it feels like everything starts getting a little too calculated. What do you think?

Draft posts // I don't know how long I've been saying I'd be getting some winter break blog posts up, but I've just never gotten around to it. In addition to my winter break blog posts, which will be shared in three parts (Taiwan, Japan, Florida), I'll also be blogging about two books I've finished in 2015 so far, and also about some other ideas that have been collecting dust in the corners of my mind. I've been doing the minimal "one post per week" blogging goal with this 52 project, but I really want to get back to sharing more than just my Sunday mornings here. I'm giving myself two hours a day to draft posts, edit pictures, and get my creative juices flowing--two hours, no more and no less. I could easily spend whole days drafting posts, but I also need to take a break, enjoy the outdoors, and... do school work.

Blog design // I'm hoping to learn some HTML/CSS so that I can make my own blog design. You probably won't see the fruits of my labor any time soon, but it's going to be an exciting process of self-teaching! I'm planning to take an Intro to Computer Science course during my Fall 2015 semester, but it's not a web-design course, so I'm not sure how much of that will help with creating a blog design. Anyways, if you guys have any constructive feedback about my blog design right now (or feedback for anything else), please don't hesitate to share in the comments below (or via Tumblr message for a quick personal response, or via my contact form for a perhaps-not-as-quick personal response)!

What's on your blogging spring cleaning to-do list?

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