"Blogmas" 2015

The last few months of the year are the frickin' best. Blink. It's Halloween. Blink. It's Thanksgiving. Blink. It's Christmas (at least for me). Blink. It's the New Year. This year I wanted to join everyone in spreading the holiday cheer, specifically by giving a go at blogmas, but with finals going on in the middle of all this, I wasn't sure. I knew I wouldn't be able to blog every single day without committing academic suicide, but I still wanted to try something. Georgina suggested posting a picture a day on Instagram, but I'm a little anal about my feed. So I found a middle ground and decided upon taking an iPhone photo a day from Dec. 1 to 25, and then sharing it all in one festive post on my blog. Here it is!

Oh, and there's a happy little announcement at the end of this post ;)


DEC 01 // Feeling powerful stomping through puddles in rain boots. What a way to start off the month.

DEC 02 // Oookay I've had enough of this rain. Losing motivation. Trying an episode of Jessica Jones.

DEC 03 // Running low on laundry. Making do by layering big coats and scarves over crummy clothes.

DEC 04 // Winter Soiree in the evening hosted by the art club. Good food, live music, and pomanders.

DEC 05 // Shopping for dorm social. Digging Trader Joe's festive foods. They have a Christmas aisle.

DEC 06 // At Swarthmore for our last rehearsal before Jambo, the end-of-semester a cappella concert.

DEC 07 // First time making Christmas cards, and sending them out by snail mail no less!

DEC 08 // Getting flowers for Chaverim (my a cappella group) to surprise Alex with at Jambo tonight.

DEC 09 // No wrapping paper to wrap Secret Santa gift. Making do with mac and cheese duct tape.

DEC 10 // Taking pictures of Bryn Mawr's Star Wars themed end-of-term feast for Admissions.

DEC 11 // Colouring at Study Palooza hosted by Self-Care Committee. Followed by concert (pics @IG).

DEC 12 // Classes are over, and so begins the hermit-ing. Didn't leave dorm until dinner.

DEC 13 // Finals have reduced me to eating blocks of brie. Succeeded in hibernating in dorm all day.

DEC 14 // Can't wait until I'm off for summer break. I mean winter break. What is this weather?

DEC 15 // Don't judge a book by its cover. But this one is so pretty. In other news, finished my finals!

DEC 16 // Green Engine Coffee with Ariane. Hanging out before she leaves for study abroad.

DEC 17 // Went into Chinatown alone. Came back with eight cups of bubble tea to surprise my buds.

DEC 18 // Packing all morning while watching One Tree Hill. Off to LA! Three years since I've been.

DEC 19 // Walking off a heavy lunch by shopping, when all of a sudden... Raining?! In California?!

DEC 20 // Picking up Dad and Ken from airport with Mom and Danny after church.

DEC 21 // Staying at Marriott's swanky Newport Coast Villas. Too bad moving back to LA tomorrow.

DEC 22 // Staying at Calvin's house for the rest of our stay in LA. Digging the minimal decor.

DEC 23 // Being carted off from place to place by the parents. Sleeping in the car for most of the day.

DEC 24 // Photographic adventure across the street while everyone else prepares dinner at home.

DEC 25 // Trooping through the killer breeze during our hike to lunch through the Terranea Resort.


Since I wasn't able to post daily for blogmas, I've decided to make it up with a 12 Days of Christmas, in which I will post every day for those twelve days. Today is the second of these! After today, the following will all be "book reviews" (more like a bit of my thoughts + tons of hoarded quotes). Enjoy!

PS: Merry Christmas from Palos VerdesChristmas around the blogosphere, Christmas music videos

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