Amore' Coffee

Today is a lazy day with nothing planned ahead, so why not Yelp a random coffee shop nearby and drive over with Dad? Whenever stuck for blog inspiration, coffee shops are the way to go. So I pack up my camera, a notebook, and something to read, ready for a leisurely afternoon ahead.


The GPS is telling us that we're here, but... where is it? My eyes trace the square, bouncing from shop to shop. I search around the parking lot, eyes dragging toward a bright red sign.

There it is! That little box over there is Amore' Coffee, a cute little drive-thru coffee shop. Not exactly what I had in mind for this afternoon, but surprises are always welcome for adventure. I've never been to a drive-thru coffee shop before. I suppose we should drive through, but the car is already parked, so I skirt around the coffee shop and stand behind the car in line.

The barista sees me standing there and calls out, "You can come up here!" motioning towards the side where a deck meant for walk-up patrons magically appears. Doh! Well this has already been quite the afternoon. I'm too amused by myself to feel like a fool. When I'm old and grey, I'll look back fondly on this day and be like, "Remember that time when...?" ...right? :P

2255 140th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA 98005
(425) 503-5792

tl;dr-- Amore' Coffee is a little drive-thru coffee shop, perfect for people on the go.

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