Friday Favourites // 06

ONE // Break free

This is "a short film about gender roles, trans, and what it's like to have an identity that deviates from the status quo" written, produced, and starring Ruby Rose. Break free from the expectations of society and be you. Forget about being likeable. You're wasting your likeable on the wrong people. People will try to put a label on you, but you are much more. In Vogue's July issue, Cara Delevigne opens up about her childhood, love life, and why modeling just isn't enough. In Elle Australia's July issue, or rather, on Elle Australia's July issue is Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper. "This marks the first time a digital influencer has appeared on the cover of a major Australian fashion magazine."

TWO // How to pack: the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 guide

In a month I'll be flying back to the States, but for those of you who are leaving for vacation a little earlier, here's a packing guide. Meanwhile, I'll be trying to survive wanderlust while stuck in one place. Something you can do no matter where you are is have a picnic. Don't forget to pack a light lunch, some lemonade, and every occasion calls for champagne. Most importantly, don't forget the ice-cream. You can make your own even without an ice-cream machine, and if you're in LA, you should check out Salt & Straw. Other fun summer links are how to have the absolute best road trip ever, quick summer makeup, MuMu beach club, and summer blog post ideas. And I want pink hair.

THREE // Mary

"Happy Father's Day to the best mom I know." Claire made this video for her mother, Mary. You might want to grab a tissue box. I'm so fortunate to have two loving parents, but I know that the same cannot be said for everyone, and days like Father's Day or Mother's Day can be an unpleasant reminder of that. In that case, you might find comfort in this article about finding heart. Let's lighten the mood a bit and move onto this fun I love you Dad experiment, in which people tell their dad's they love them and record their reaction; it's not every day a dad hears those words. For more smiles and laughs, check out these comedians on fatherhood. And finally, a note from a father about the parent he aspires to be.

Did you catch my Father's Day post from last week?

FOUR // How to take a productive blogging hiatus

For some people, bloggers included, summer means taking a break from the computer; it means going out, traveling, and living life. Everyone needs to disconnect a little. I've actually posted more this month of summer than any other month yet, but hopefully your summer has seen more adventures. Even though you're away from your computer, that doesn't mean blogging has to come to a full stop for you. You can grow your blog offline and schedule social media, or you can simply write less. That last tip is also helpful if you just don't like writing in general but still want to blog.

FIVE // Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever Getting Bad Blood (Mashup) by Nigel Brian Carpio

I don't often listen to Taylor Swift and don't particularly love or hate her music, but I must admit that her songs are hella catchy (and also her talent is undeniable). Put two of her songs together... I can't get it out of my head. This mashup has seen the news and was posted on YouTube but taken down due to copyright issues. I get that the mashup was using her songs, but the person who made it was also creating something of his own, so I think it kinda sucks that he's getting copyright strikes. Just in case anything else is taken down, here are two other places he's uploaded his mashup: (x) (x). In other Taylor Swift mashup news, if you haven't heard Blank Space x Style, you should definitely check it out.

How has your week been?

PS: 05. 04. 03. 02. 01.

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