Drive Thru Boba

Just in case you didn't catch it the first million times I mentioned it in my blog posts, I love bubble tea. So much. When I'm on break and with my family is the prime time to try out different shops, because my parents can drive me around everywhere. Summer break was no exception. At the end of it, my dad asked me what my favourite bubble tea shop was, and I couldn't say. I just drink and enjoy it man, let me live. But my dad, aghast, said, "I took you to all these places and you don't even know which one is your favourite?!" So over winter break, I made sure to keep track of all my bubble tea expeditions.


Drive Thru Boba was one of the few I kept track of over that first summer break of bubble tea hopping. I've been contemplating about adding a "bubble tea" category to the blog in addition to the "cafe" category of the blog, but unfortunately there aren't too many places for me to conveniently get bubble tea here in Philly, which is where I am most of the time, so that blog category wouldn't be too fruitful. I usually always go to the same place; Kungfu Tea in Chinatown is my go-to bubble tea shop in Philly.

Drive Thru Boba was recommended to me by Mira. (I asked her for recommendations for bubble tea, and she recommended this place, and I also asked her for recommendations for coffee shops, and she recommended Cafe Cesura!) It's not actually a drive thru. After my little surprise at Amore' Coffee, I made sure to confirm this before checking it out. It's located within walking distance from Bellevue Square, and since I was planning to meet up with Kevin there, I thought it'd be fun if we went to get bubble tea together while we were at it.

I was pleasantly surprised by the modern minimal aesthetic. When I think of bubble tea, I usually think of something more colourful, bright, bold, lively, kawaii... Something more Chinese/Taiwanese/Canto than Scandinavian (in terms of design). Everything from the wall clock to the pineapple sitting on the counter to the trash can by the door was so #aesthetic, and yes, I took pictures of them all. How do I explain taking pictures of trash cans? #bloggerlife #noshame #maybesomeshame.

After bubble tea, Kevin and I had pho and summer rolls at Pho All Day, and then we headed to Lincoln Square to meet up with Ray to watch Ant Man! (Yes, I know this blog post is dated.) Ray was having dinner with Dan, his older brother, and their parents at Blue C Sushi. They came with us to the movie theatre, and then Dan bought us our movie tickets :') He had coupons that were going to expire soon.

10435 NE 4th St
Bellevue, WA 98004

tl;dr-- Drive Thru Boba is not actually a drive thru, but it does actually have boba.

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