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I'm kinda freaked out that I'm not freaked out right now. It's Sunday morning, and instead of cramming in all the work I neglected to do earlier this weekend due to the fact that I was living life (Worship Night and visiting the Lego exhibit at the Franklin Institute, which I've taken many pictures of and you will be hearing about eventually, and which you can get a sneak peek of via my Snapchat story @auderoylin), I'm writing this blog post. But how can anyone freak out when the world is as beautiful as this? And how can anyone think of anything else but this when this is all you see?

Okay just kidding, it's now Sunday evening and I'm officially freaking out. But I wanted to keep that little paragraph I wrote this morning, because words are immortal, and if there's something I want to live on, it's that morning peace. And actually, now that I reread those words I wrote, I'm feeling a lot more calm.

I read those words and I remember that the world is beautiful. Here I am in the library freaking out in my little head about my linguistics and anthropology assignments while the world is there outside, just being. It's quite comical actually. Me, a little dot in the world, frantically scurrying around with my hands dragging down my face, nothing compelling me to do so but my mind eating itself up. A tragic comedy.

In the grand scheme of things... I'm not all that much. I'm another face in a sea of faces. My concerns are but a few drops in an ocean of chatter. When the time comes, I will be forgotten, and it will be okay.

Instead of thinking about what you will and won't accomplish in your life, think about the problems that you have helped solve and you will help solve and the things that you're gonna help make and that you've already helped make... The things that we help make and the problems that we help solve, those are the things that really matter, the things that actually affect the world and that actually make us happy. And maybe every person is unremarkable in that we all make things every day. We make happiness and we make families and we make sandwiches and most fantastically of all we make ourselves.

So when you're freaking out about this and that, ask yourself if it's really worth freaking out over. And in any case, it'd probably be much more efficient to get past that phase of freaking out and start working towards whatever it is you need to get done. Take a step back and put things in perspective. Something might seem like it's the whole world, but know that it's not. The world is so much more.

Just take a look around.

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