May Day // 18x52

May Day is an all-day celebration that occurs the Sunday after the last week of classes. The entire college community comes together for a day of medieval festivity and a general good time. [more]

Surprise! I'm still alive. I've been done with classes for a week now, but I still feel as busy as ever. Over the past few days I've done a presentation, two papers, two interviews, two performances with my a cappella group (you can watch one of them here), and one final exam with two more left to go.

I decided that I'd take this weekend easy and just let myself enjoy May Day. Bryn Mawr is big on traditions, and May Day is most everyone's favorite, right up along with Hell Week, so I've been anticipating this one for awhile now, especially after seeing my friends' May Day pictures from previous years. I don't know if I was more excited to join in on the merriment or to take those pictures myself!

Usually I try to keep faces off my blog because I'm too lazy to ask people whether or not they feel comfortable about me putting their face on the Internet, but WOW everyone just looks so beautiful! While I was editing these pictures I was overwhelmed by everyone's cuteness.

And as it turns out, I didn't get pictures of much else other than people, so these are the only photos I have to share. This is all thanks to the fact that I woke up this morning and thought, "HMMM... I feel like vlogging May Day!" So my day was spent switching between three different cameras (photography camera, vlogging camera, polaroid). I hope you enjoy the video though! #procrastinationproject

I took two back-to-back naps just now, but I still feel quite burnt out, so I figured since I made a video for this post and since this post is also so photo-heavy, I'm going to skimp out on the writing bit.

It's starting to feel like summer. Finish off the year strong and then go have fun :) Happy May Day!

PS: check out my first post about winter break '15 (out of three) from earlier today if you missed it
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