Friday Favourites // 07

UNRELATED // Just finished making pancakes with my little/tall brother Danny, like one minute ago! The last pancake was the most circular and so beautiful, but we love pancakes of all shapes and sizes! (on my Snapchat story @auderoylin.)

ONE // Crème brûlée topped cinnamon rolls

If that isn't enough for you, try the naturally sweet dark chocolate coconut bites, rose flavored rock candy, and 26 foods even more fun on a stick. And after you've made your delicious food, well, you gotta take a picture! Otherwise it's not official, duh ;) Try these food styling and photography tips. If you want good food without having to make it yourself, go out for Pressed Juicery Freeze. The freeze is "pretty much exactly what you’d expect from their cold-pressed juice line — nutrient-dense, small batch, vegan — only blended to a fro-yo like consistency, creating the perfect summer treat." What you eat can change the world. If this kid doesn't convince you of it, I don't know who will. Of course, it won't be easy, but you're not alone! Here are some honest thoughts about going vegan.

TWO // You're probably type A-minus

Are you a type A personality? Or more like a type A-minus? Whatever you are, say it loud and proud and believe in the power of I Am. Tell others that you're proud of them too! Maybe what you need is balance. Maybe all you need is to come to terms with the contradictions in your life. Maybe you're in a funk you need to get out of. Maybe you need to find your zen. Maybe you need to create a vision board. Try different things, because trying is always worth it.

THREE // How I design a full brand and website in just two weeks

Many of you probably already have your own blog, and many of the rest of you are probably thinking about starting one. You might have waited until summer to do it, as you have more time now than you have during the school year. That's what I did anyway (I originally launched my blog on Tumblr on September 30 and relaunched my blog on Blogspot on August 14). And you can do it too, starting right now! Don't be afraid to promote yourself; someone's gotta tell someone about your blog! I wouldn't recommend getting into blogging solely for the money, but you shouldn't be ashamed of making money either; you put hard work into it, so you should get something out of it. Something I didn't know when I first started was that working with sponsors isn't the only way to make a living as a blogger. I didn't have to worry much about it (and still don't) because I don't accept any sponsorships or advertisements, but I'm open to collaborations. I'm a big believer of focusing on your own work, writing your own posts, doing your own photography. To get you started, here's a manual mode cheat sheet. I personally don't like using stock photos, but if you're not focusing on photography, try stocksy.

FOUR // DIY rose pink hair + braid

As I mentioned in my summer bucket list, I really want to dye my hair and pierce my ears. I fell in love with this rose pink hair as soon as I saw it, but I'm not sure if I can pull it off. Honestly at this point I don't even care. You don't know until you try it! If it ends up looking horrendous, I'll just hide it in a ponytail or hat or something. I just want to knowww. Anyways, in other fashion and beauty news: how to sound like you've been going to couture shows all week, smooth summer legs, items for tired eyes, concealer hacks, reshaping brows, triple bun half updo, and Laura Mercier bath honey in golden honey musk review. Also check out this interesting reason for saying no to "flattering" clothes.

FIVE // Want waterproof books? Support Bibliobath

I've dreamed about waterproof books since forever, and now it's real! After acquiring several books on my iPad, I'm finally back in the rhythm of reading habitually and have finished four books this week: The Best of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle, Girl Online by Zoe Sugg, To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han, and I've just finished Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson this morning. Next up is The Maze Runner by James Dashner! Now I'm only two books behind my 2015 Reading Challenge. Add me on Goodreads to stay updated! I will also be posting "book reviews" (more like quote hoards) on the blog. Need book recs? Check out all 339 books referenced in Gilmore Girls.

BONUS // F*ck that: a guided meditation.

How has your week been?

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