Housing, karaoke, research - 16/52 :)

Tyler Oakley posted a video about flirting in sign language with Nyle DiMarco as part of the #WeAreAble campaign. And I couldn't help but notice, wow this dude is really attractive, who is this? So I Googled him and found out that he was the winner of America's Next Top Model Cycle 22 and is now competing on Dancing with the Stars season 22. I subsequently watched the whole of ANTM Cycle 22 in three days.

  1. Lately I've been feeling creatively pumped. I'm not sure if that's because I've been better about keeping up with my Bloglovin' feed or because I'm procrastinating my end-of-term responsibilities for the school year.
  2. I finally got approved for off-campus housing! I'll be rooming with Kat, so look out for a super aesthetic, super Pinterest apartment. For those of you who don't know about the laborious process we went through in order to get approval for off-campus housing: Before we get this story started, let me say how ridiculous it is that we even needed to get approval to live off campus in the first place. We're the only school in the tri-co that needs approval to live off campus; everyone else can go free as they choose, as it should be. Anyways... On March 16, Kat and I submitted our off-campus housing application for the lottery. On March 18, we received the email that we got lotteried out of off-campus housing. Our new plan was to bug the administration until they didn't want to deal with us anymore and would want to get rid of us by way of letting us live off campus. On March 24, Kat and I wrote an appeal for off-campus housing. On March 31 we were denied again. On April 1, we wrote to make an appointment discussing our off-campus housing status, but were unable to coordinate a time. On April 7, we wrote to our personal dean (who we share) requesting assistance. On April 8, she wrote back saying she didn't have any say in housing but could help us with our unique stresses. We were not interested in meetings discussing distractions from getting our off-campus housing approval. On April 11, we got the glorious email that the deans and director of residential life had been continuing discussions reviewing appeals to live off campus and are now allowing more students to live off campus next year.
  3. I've had 5 cups of bubble tea this week. I have a problem. Someone stop me. Thus, I have decided to go on a bubble tea cleanse for these last two weeks of classes. I will be putting a pause on this cleanse when exam week begins, because that will be a highly stressful time, and I may need some external motivation in the form of bubble tea.
  4. The weather on Saturday was fantastic. For half of a cappella rehearsal, we sang outside in Swat's bell tower, which is such a fun place to sing. I got around to all three campuses and it was a mood boost to see so many people outside doing all sorts of activities like blasting music, lounging in the sun, reading books, swinging in hammocks, and playing frisbee.
  5. Celebrated Friend's 21st the Asian way at Rising Tide in Chinatown with karaoke and Chinese food (including Peking duck!!!)! I wore my long Barbour olive wax coat over a loose black gold-sparkled Gypsy Couture dress (mentioned last week! I really wish they had an online store...) with black and blue-blocked Camper Myriam heels and a black Rooty Castor Pollux bag.
  6. I have been freaking. out. because I have no plans for the summer and there are only a few more weeks left of school. A week ago I arbitrarily decided that I'd stay in Philadelphia/Bryn Mawr for the summer, thinking I'd use my summer break working on personal projects like my blog or learning French or Korean or coding or playing guitar for lack of a job or internship to busy myself over. But as of yesterday, I can now say that I have a plan for the summer! I'll be doing research at Haverford with my computer science professor on Accessible Text Input, and as for housing, I'll be staying just one town away with Victoria. Summer break = sorted!

I want to make an effort to remember the little joys in life, so my 52 week challenge for 2016 is to write weekly Happy Lists.

PS: 151413121110987654321.