Pests // 22x52

Sunk comfortably in the mattress, I'm rested on fluffy pillows and enveloped by a voluminous quilt. The air conditioning wheezes softly overhead, but there's also something else I hear. It gets a little louder. I give a toss and reposition myself. The sound recedes. I try to find my place in the dream I was having before the interruption. Just as I'm about to fall back into it, the strange sounds returns.

spent 700RMB grocery shopping with dad (100RMB on ice cream, another 100RMB on chocolate, 500RMB on ???)

I give a little swat, but the pesky sound continues to approach rapidly. I do a little Bruce-Almighty-like flop on the bed to deter the unseen assailant, which works temporarily, but soon enough it's back at it. That little beast. Just let me sleep, UGH. I give up and fall out of bed. Mosquitoes suck.

There haven't been any new developments in my life except for the three mosquito bites on my face, the two on one finger, the one on my hand, the one on my wrist, the three on one arm, the six on the other arm, and the one on my thigh. Other than that, I've been fine. Totally. Completely. FINE.

It has become apparent that my summer is heading towards a sedentary lifestyle. I need a bucketlist, pronto.

PS: 21. 20. 19. 18171615141312111009. 08070605040302. 01.