Hoods, laughs, posters - 18/52

The weather has seriously been a drag and it looks like it's gonna stay that way for the next week, but maybe that'll help me focus on studying instead of dreaming about summer?

  1. For some reason, hoods never stay on my head. I dug a hooded Cotton On vest (activewear) from my closet and was ecstatic to find that it has a big hood!!! It stayed on my head. Honestly all hooded clothing should be made with big hoods. This Cotton On warm up vest is not all that similar to the one I wore, but it does have the glorious big hood.
  2. Trader Joe's dark chocolate covered marshmallows. Anything dark chocolate really.
  3. The Intro to Data Structures final exam was rough. That and the crappy weather made for a very grey mood at lunch. We consciously tried to make our conversation more positive by pausing and restarting when we noticed it starting to drag, but that made for a lot of pausing and restarting. So we resorted to watching funny videos. Rose showed us one that was SO HILARIOUS. I'm definitely linking it in my next Friday Favourites post. I laughed so hard throughout the entire video and felt so much better afterwards. I even did cartwheels on the green when we got outside!
  4. After our final, Julia and I went on a secret mission to Chinatown. We put very much care into keeping it off our Snapchat stories :P Julia needed to find a May Day dress, and I needed to buy 14 cups of bubble tea to surprise my friends with. Three of them had never had bubble tea before :o With each bubble tea surprise, I stuck on a little post-it note with a message and wished them good luck with their finals. I hope the bubble tea brought as much joy to them as it does for me!
  5. Done with classes!
  6. The 2018 Class Co-presidents wanted to have a pop-up and do something special for us, so they contacted me about their idea to do a poster giveaway. Of course I'm on board with anything to do with graphic design, so I photographed and designed our class poster, which they printed 200 12x18" glossy-printed copies of. It's amazing to know that 200~ people in your class will have your poster design up in their room!
  7. The CBS Morning Show was putting together a piece about May Day celebrations, and while they had photos, they needed footage. They found my May Day vlog from last year on YouTube and contacted me about wanting to use my footage! Unfortunately what they needed was original footage, but mine was all filtered out and overlaid with music for my vlog, and I had deleted the original footage as I'd been running out of storage space on my laptop so I couldn't really help them out. But still cool. Anyways, I went back to check out my May Day vlog and it has over 1000 views! Which is a lot for a n00b like me :P
  8. Currently listening to 17 by Youth Lagoon.

I want to make an effort to remember the little joys in life, so my 52 week challenge for 2016 is to write weekly Happy Lists.

PS: 1716151413121110987654321.