Ramen, flowers, concerts - 19/52

It's been a month since I've purged myself of social media and it's been great! I have no plans to get on Facebook anytime soon, though I do have to say that I miss the Events feature. I don't have plans to get back on Instagram either. I kept thinking about whether or not I wanted to stop using Tumblr, but it's the one social media site I "know" how to use, and I appreciate all the #relatable text posts, so I'm going to keep the Tumblr I reblog things on and then leave my photography Tumblr as an inactive archive. I could honestly live without Twitter, but it seems like the go-to social media platform for people in the tech industry, whether that's programming or blogging or something else, so as a computer science major, imma keep Twitter at least for now. As for Pinterest... I've reactivated it! Kat and I have been making plans for our apartment so...

  1. I went to see some of my senior friends' thesis talks, and it was inspirational to see their accomplishment. Some of their talks were too intelligent for me to comprehend. I wanna be them when I grow up.
  2. Kat and I went to Chinatown for an extension of my bubble tea secret mission, and while we were at it, we also ate at Terakawa Ramen. Our friend Alex was performing at a concert that evening so I wanted to get him bubble tea because I neglected to get him any last time. To make up for it, I congratulated him with two large bubble teas and a hug as a semi-joke.
  3. Kat came with me to go flower shopping! Walking back from the store, I had the flowers hanging out the front of my tote. I've always wanted to do that once in my life. So trendy.
  4. Victoria is helping me sell things on our college's For Sale/Free Facebook group! I'm really thankful for that because not only did she post it on Facebook for me, but she's gonna have to wait for people to go to her room to try things on, and people can be very bad about arriving when they say they will. So far I've sold my owl onesie, a sweater, and four dresses.
  5. My partner and I finished our final paper for Phonetics & Phonology, so that's one class we're done with! What I still have left is one final paper, one final exam, and one final project.
  6. I watched the Rhythm & Motion dance concert for the first time! They have their own concert at Swarthmore once every semester. My favourite performance was Body Language.
  7. On Saturday I slept until noon and then took a nap until 3:00PM and didn't start work until 4:00PM. I kind of hate myself and I'm kind of proud.
  8. I spent an hour singing to myself on Snapchat. Once again, I kind of hate myself and I'm kind of proud. Follow me on Snapchat @auderoylin for more kuality kontent like dat B|
  9. Currently listening to Ultralight Beam ft. Chance The Rapper by Kanye West. It's been stuck in my head ever since Jambo (Swarthmore's semesterly a cappella concert). That was our last concert with the seniors! Beautiful people, beautiful voices. Check out Chaverim's covers of One More Night/Happy Ending mashup (I solo!), 那些年, and Les Champs-Élysées.
  10. Also currently enjoying 봄이 좋냐?? by 십센치, recommendation courtesy of Julia.

I want to make an effort to remember the little joys in life, so my 52 week challenge for 2016 is to write weekly Happy Lists.

PS: 181716151413121110987654321.