Old faces, young minds // 23x52

The sound of my brother letting people into the house wakes me up. I pretend that I'm still asleep so that I don't need to engage in social interaction. But silly me, I should know that peace is never that easy to attain. My dad comes into my room and tells me to get up so that we can leave for lunch.

Darn, my things are in the living room, where my brother and his friends are. Swift as a deer and quiet as a shadow (x), I make an attempt to gather my things unnoticed. To no avail, I'm greeted by a collective "hi Audrey!" Neglecting to wear my night contacts for a few(?) nights now (idk, it's hard to keep track--it's all been... a blur ;)), I look up say hi back. Wow they're so friendly. What a nice bunch.

hungover from two seasons of Arrow and curing it with a hipster mug of bubble milk tea

In the car, my dad asks me how long these meetings typically last. I'm thoroughly confused and figure that he's referring to the friends my brother has over, but then I remember that those group of friends my brother has over are actually people from the HFH ISB Campus Chapter that my brother is a part of and that I was also a part of when I was in high school. Oops. I hope I didn't come off too cold.

I would use the excuse that I didn't recognize this new chapter due to all the new faces, but the truth of the matter is that I didn't really see the faces at all. I should really get in the habit of wearing my night contacts whether or not I have classes. My excuse is that I was hungover from watching Arrow.

By the time I get home, the meeting is over and everyone has left. But something still lingers in my mind. I was in their place this time last year, gathered for my last HFH meeting, passing the baton on to them, the underclassmen. And now they're here in my place passing theirs.

But this is not nostalgia.

In fact, however paradoxical it is, they're actually in a completely different place from where I was. As it should be. Everything is changing--hopefully for progress haha. Time doesn't wait for anyone so I don't have the luxury of remaining stagnant. I don't want to ruminate about what I'm leaving behind or what I'm moving onto, but instead, simply treasure being a part of something and forever being a part of it. Now, then, later, it all comes together.

PS: My three most recent posts (23. 22. 21.) all feature pictures of food. Uh-oh, this summer is going down a dangerous road. (20. 19. 18171615141312111009. 08070605040302. 01.)