Window seat // 27x52

I always try to get the aisle seat so that I don't feel trapped if ever I need to make my way to the lavatory. I also try not to use the lavatory too often, because the flush is freakishly loud. But just in case, I still like having the aisle seat. There's also more space to stretch, unlike the windows seat where you're squished between the window and a person, which feels incredibly claustrophobic.

But when I saw pictures from up in the air over at To Adventure, I realized what I was missing out on. So I figured that on my next short flight, I'd sacrifice the aisle for the window, and my 3.5 hour flight from Osaka to Beijing fit that bill. And now I have a picture from an airplane with the wing peeking in from the side to add to my album, because no album is complete without one ;)

I just got back from my impromptu trip to Japan, which consisted of a lot of Harry Potter and shopping. While you wait for me to put together a post, check out my winter break trip to Japan! You're gonna have to sit tight because I also need to whip up my posts for Florida and Maan Coffee...

PS: 26. 2524. 23. 22. 21. 20. 19. 18171615141312111009. 08070605040302. 01.