Dabbling // 28x52

I did a lot of dabbling when I was younger. I dabbled in golf; I liked it a lot more than Wii golf. I dabbled in skiing and snowboarding; I have bruises to prove it. I dabbled in tennis; I got a sadistic thrill from making my opponent run across the court. I dabbled in gymnastics; I loved my pink leotard and jumping off the trampoline runway into the pile of yellow foam bricks I called cheese. I dabbled in ballet; I lived for the annual Nutcracker performance, wishing so badly I could be Marie that I memorized her dances and danced with my own nutcracker at home. I dabbled in the recorder; everyone did. I more than dabbled in violin; I never wanted to practice even though I needed it. I dabbled in piano; it was a hopeless cause because Mom was my teacher and I reserved my angel-face for people outside family.

ornaments we have sitting on the family piano

I wonder where I'd be if I had continued with even one of those things. But I'm glad that I got a little taste of everything. So that I can do things like learn how to play one pretty song on the piano.

I was watching Zoella's vlog, the one in which Tanya teaches her how to play the piano. They were playing Yiruma's "River Flows in You" and I was like, hey I know this song! I feel like almost anyone who plays the piano knows how to play this song. Whenever someone starts playing it, someone else groans because everyone plays that song. But I like it. And finally I knew what the song was called, so I searched up the sheet music for it. I figured that if Zoe could learn to play it without knowing how to read music, then this song must be achievable enough for me as someone who can read music.

So I'm making my way through it, slowly but steadily. And it's what I was doing this morning.

Progress report: 26/45 measures.

Sidenote: I love the sustain pedal. It makes everything sound more mystical and covers my mistakes.

PS: 27. 26. 2524. 23. 22. 21. 20. 19. 18171615141312111009. 08070605040302.