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Hi I'm Audrey, she/her pronouns, sophomore, undecided but telling everyone I'm a potential international studies major although I'm veering away from that and towards computer science as of four days ago. I was born in LA and lived there for the first ten years of my life before I moved to Beijing where I lived for the next eight years attending an international school where everything was taught in English, and now I'm here. I live in *practiced groan* Brecon. Nice to meet you!

Let's play a game called How Many Pictures Of Thomas Great Hall Can You Take? (Lots.)

It's been one of those days. For quite a few days now actually. Three weeks of days apparently. It's all been a blur. I keep telling myself, oh when things start settling down you'll be fine. It's been four weeks and things definitely have not settled yet, but other than occasionally drowning under a pile of printed readings and hyperventilating about my future, I am fine, absolutely fine.

It's been four weeks and I'm still doing introductions. I would smile and be like hey this isn't so bad and then hold it until my face hurt and then hold it until my mouth started twitching and then hold it some more. I would be nice and friendly (I think), give a stretched grin or nod of acknowledgement when I walked by people whether or not I knew them personally, sprouting passive friendships that could maybe one day blossom and grow into something awesome.

I'm waiting for that moment when I don't feel like I need to welcome people like a hostess anymore, giving introductions, acquainting others, getting the party going a steady rhythm before I can disappear upstairs to rest my poor feet. Right now it feels more like I'm still sending out the invites.

Whether I want to or not, I'll keep meeting people, some times more frequently than others. I guess nothing really ever stops. The world keeps spinning. It can be exhausting, but isn't it also exciting to know that it is not yet over, that there are still more possibilities, that everything is a work in progress?

Work in progress isn't always pretty. The scaffolding around campus is a testament to that (can't wait to see those scaffolds purged). But it's gonna be great and we'll all be fine. Maybe even better than fine.

PS: 353433&3231302928272625242322212019181716151413121110.

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